Cemac spol. s r. o.

Central Europe Machining & Assembling Company s.r.o (CEMAC s.r.o in short) was established 11.1.2014 by Mr. Machala as a company that provides metal working and assembly.

With the ability to obtain the credit, and especially thanks to experienced top management, company now operates in over 700 square meters fully air-conditioned hall with a  bridge crane with capacity of 5,000 tons and still have more than 3500m2 for further development.
Cemac has 14 employees. It very closely cooperates with CNC Profihala that have mostly bigger metal cutting machines , welding department and space for stock and dividing material. Both companies share the same grounds.

In CEMAC machinery park there are two CNC lathes, two 5-axes and one 4 axes machining centers. 350m2 is allocated for assembling.
Excellent equiped hall also includes quality control department with granite table with dimensions 3000mmx2000mm and independent 3D quality control where we can measure products as big as 1800mm(lenght)x 800mm(width)x600mm(hight).

Company also owns licencies for 3D programing VISI.
We are happy welcome new potential partners for short and long term cooperation.


Cemac and CNC Profihala